Tibetan Protest

Today in Guwahati is hunger strike day. Under canopies set out on the grass in front of the lake in Nehru park, several hundred people sit cross-legged in silence. Some have overalls saying ‘Stop torture in Tibet’ or ‘China out of Tibet’. Other wear head bands with ‘Free Tibet’ scrawled across them.

MTV India, meanwhile, has taken a somewhat different approach. It has turned the Olympic torch debacle, sorry relay, into a series of ticker tape jokes that parade across the bottom of the screen under the music videos.


Q. What did the disgruntled Olympic torch say to his employer?
A. Fire me

This is in memory of the Olympic torch

Or, more to the point:
The Olympic torch never expected to be on the MTV ticker

No, and I doubt the Baron de Coubertin had it in mind either

Words and Pictures © Louise Heal 2008
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