Who needs a reason why?

So we decided on a week in Oman, for no better reasons than:

(a) It’s hot and sunny
(b) When I passed through Muscat airport in 2006 en route to Kerala, I thought that the people all seemed jolly nice
(c) Wilfred Thesiger spent much time here and I was hoping to channel some of that travel-writer-guru-explorer-book-writer stuff.

It was something of a bonus to find that the Omanis theme their roundabouts. I can’t help feeling that the good people of Milton Keynes have missed a trick here. Driving directions here could reasonably read:

“Left at the book roundabout” (with the big pile of books sculpture)
“Straight on at the fish roundabout” (with the fish statues)

It’s the little things that make a destination, IMHO, and touches like this are oh-so-comforting.

This is the Chedi, our home for the week:

Words and Pictures © Louise Heal 2008
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