Streets of New York

It’s always tempting to be distracted when strolling down Fifth Avenue. You know, the shops (was that Abercrombie calling?), the architecture, the bewildering array of pizza joints. But I tried to keep my eyes at street level and take a look at what was on the ground.

The snow was melting (thankfully) so it was a case of ‘Watch that puddle’ in addition to ‘Look at that building’. Was it just me, or was NY quieter than I remember it? Is that the credit crunch or has it just been a long winter? Even the taxis and the car horns seemed a bit subdued.

How come there’s never a cab when I need one?

Spooky. But not the Twin Towers

Don’t Walk

Outside Bergdorf Goodman

Off Fifth Avenue

Words and Pictures © Louise Heal 2009

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