Central Park Part Deux

I thought (curse of Hollywood and Nephews) that the Central Park Zoo was a figment of the imagination of Madagascar. Imagine my surprise upon finding that it isn’t. (There’s a zoo in Regent’s Park, so why not in Central Park?). Unfortunately all of the animals had gone inside by the time we passed by, so I’ll leave you with this pair of show-off seals (or sealions? I’m not an expert).

Seals? Sea Lions? I don’t know. But they were definitely showing off

Oh, and some other pics of Central Park too.

Hot Dogs and Pretzels. As typical of New York as Central Park or Times Square

Where are all these people hurrying to?

To see the Green Lady?

The Pond looking towards Central Park West

Ice on the Water

Twin Towers of Central Park West

Words and Pictures © Louise Heal 2009
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