South Street Seaport

Now this is my kind of place. Great views (check), urban culture (check), water (check), wooden boardwalk (OK, I’d never considered that but check seeing as it’s there).

The South Street Seaport is way down on the Lower East Side (way lower than I’ve ever been before), with a museum and fantastic views of Brooklyn Heights.

Skip the shopping centre, chill on the boardwalk, admire the Brooklyn Bridge, marvel at how big Brooklyn Heights is then turn around and ogle at the Wall Street skyscrapers.

And if you want more info, it’s in a more sensible form here at New York City by Land, Sea and Sky

(If ‘Watchtower’ rings a bell for you, this might help)

The IKEA Water Taxi. But how DO you get the Grevbäck bookcases back to Manhattan?

The Brooklyn Bridge. Feelin’ Steely?

Brooklyn Heights. Bob Dylan, Mary Tyler Moore, Truman Capote and Andrea Dworkin have all called it home. Now THAT would be a dinner party

Simon chillin’ on the boardwalk. Rather than under the boardwalk which is, well, in the water. How silly would that be?

The skyscrapers of Wall Street facing Brooklyn Heights. Corporate uniformity vs. Urban Attitude

South Street Seaport Museum. Founded in 1967, this is the National Maritime Museum

Words and Pictures © Louise Heal 2009
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