How do you like the Sacré-Coeur?

If you’re in Montmartre, you really can’t miss the Sacré-Coeur Basilica. Once you get above a certain point on the hill, it’s everywhere you look. Reach the top of a flight of steps, stop for a quick breath and lift your head. There it is. Come round the corner of a cobbled alleyway. Yep, there it is again. Pause to smile at the picture-perfect Parisian children playing in the sandpit. Guess what’s behind them?

But actually, if you catch at the right sort of angle it can be quite attractive. Not, admittedly, when you walk up the final set of steps to the main entrance. That really is the full-on meringue experience.

So what’s the best way to look at the Sacré-Coeur?

Full-on meringue?

Interesting arty backdrop?

Or à la Victor Hugo?

Words and Pictures © 2009 Louise Heal
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