A Tale of 2 Players – #1

You know how sometimes you get to a new place, switch on the TV and there’s an advert that just keeps on popping up? So it was with us in Toronto. We’d only been there a few hours and we’d already seen the advert for Tim Horton’s and their French Onion Soup ($2.59) half a dozen times.

From then on – of course -Tim Horton’s was everywhere. On the walk to Chinatown that evening, on the walk to the Royal Ontario Museum the next morning. It became a bit of a running joke between us: kind of “Well there’s always Tim Horton’s French Onion Soup” whenever we felt a bit peckish.

2 days later, we discovered who Tim Horton was. In the (Ice) Hockey Hall of Fame, Simon overheard one of the commentaries and said “I’m sure I heard them mention Tim Horton”. And, there in the inner sanctum (aka the room where they keep the Stanley Cup) was his picture and bio:

Strong and chiselled of jaw…

Pittsburgh Penguins? What’s next, the Wimbledon Wombles?

And yes, this is the same guy. His career spanned 25 years: 1949-74, and he was killed in a car accident later that year. He had started his coffee/doughnut chain 10 years earlier and his partner kept the company going. It now has over 3000 outlets in the US and Canada. Just a shame he isn’t around to enjoy it.

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