E-Book Review: 25 Travel Blogging Secrets

If you’re starting out in travel cyber-media, it’s the $6million question: Just how do you make money from travel blogging? (Actually, forget $6million, $6,000 would be good).

Fortunately, the established travel blogger Vago Damitio (http://www.vagobond.com) has put together his “25 Travel Blogging Secrets (How to Make Money & Blog Successfully)”, to help you on our way.

Any travel blogger starting out will play a number of roles: Traveller, Writer, Editor, Site Designer AND Sales & Marketing executive. Without ever saying so explicitly, Damitio takes the reader through these various roles, classified as General Tips, Content, Promotion and Making Money.

The advice is eminently practical, with good examples attached of what works (and what doesn’t). Purists will undoubtedly find things to criticise: buying your own “followers” to bump up your Web stats? Hiring other writers to rewrite (or even write) your articles? But the blogosphere is a real place, with real issues that have to be dealt with if you want to be successful.

There are a few notable omissions from the list. E.g., no mention is made of the rapidly changing technology. What worked with RSS feeds 3 years ago won’t work in a world dominated by Apps and digital readers.

This book will need updating as time and technology move on. But it can be summed up in 3 words: Focus (know your market), Persistence (don’t join the blog graveyard) and Professionalism (look like you mean business).

Now just get on with it!

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