La Boqueria: Food fit for Saints in Barcelona

We didn’t exactly time our visit to La Boqueria perfectly. Let me explain: it was nearly lunchtime. It had been a while since breakfast, we were both starting to feel peckish and then we hit upon Barcelona’s premier food market.

As a fully-paid up omnivore, I find any kind of food market interesting (at worst) or tantalising (at best). La Boqueria is all of these things although, if you’re vegetarian, you may care to skip some of the sections!

The seafood is, of course, fabulous. We were there in March and the selection of seafood and fish was overwhelming. According to local Barcelonins, it is even better over Christmas and New Year. But still, it was impressive.

Now for cold meats: those plates of ham and sausage that appear in every tapas bar in Barcelona come from somewhere, and it’s a fair bet that many of them come from here. As somebody once asked me: “Care for some more pig?”

 La Boqueria delights in the sweet end of things too. We restrained ourselves from these, instead delving into a few fruit ‘n’ nut mixes. But, oh boy, check this all out:

La Boqueria also does a great line in bars and restaurants. It’s not a place for a full meal, rather for a tapas selection of whatever-takes-your-fancy or whatever the chef is doing today. The chalk blackboard menus are testimony to the changing selection. Get there early, or your favourite may have gone!

A few words of warning: keep an eye on your belongings (pickpockets are common) and ask the price of food and drink before ordering, or you could be in for a nasty shock when the bill arrives! But take your time to look around, don’t be afraid to ask questions and savour every mouthful.

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