Snapshot: Sharpham Vineyard

Sharpham Vineyard

Sharpham Vines

Sharpham Vines

Sharpham Vineyard is located along the banks of the Dart Valley in Devon. It has been producing wine for over 20 years and now has a multi-award winning selection of White, Red, Rosé and Sparkling Wines.

There are several ‘levels’ of tours that you can take – we took the Silver Trek and Taste (actually more of a Gentle Stroll + Taste) which happens hourly (no need to book).

The stroll around the vineyard (which is self-guided) took us down through the vines towards the River Dart. It was August, so the vines were heavy with grapes. Sharpham is a very peaceful spot, as it’s part of a larger estate and far away from roads.

The only regular noise, in fact, came from the Cardiff Castle. This is a long-established pleasure boat that plies the river between Totnes and Dartmouth. Once we’d dragged ourselves away from the piece & quiet of our stroll, we ambled back up to the vineyard where we the wine tasting took place.

I tried some of the Sharpham White Wine. Made with Madeleine Angevine grapes, it had a delicate yet crisp taste. (Don’t expect tasting notes, this isn’t a wine blog!). In fact, it went perfectly with some Sharpham Rustic cheese (they have their own dairy), which we bought to take home with us.

Wine Tasting at Sharpham

Wine Tasting at Sharpham

Vineyard Cafe

For a taste of local gastronomy, we booked into the Vineyard Cafe for a leisurely lunch. The menu is local and seasonal – when we visited (August), we dined on Slow Cooked Pork Belly, Sea Bass, Treacle Tart and Chocolate Brownies. All of this, we washed down with a glass of sparkling Sharpham wine.

Useful Information

  • The Vineyard Café is open from May to September (plus Easter Weekend) only
  • Tours and Tastings run from May to September
  • Wine and Cheese are available to buy online
  •  The easiest way to get to Sharpham is to drive – head for Ashprington and look for signs. You may be able to get river transport from Dartmouth or Totnes.
  •  If it has rained, the vineyard and river banks will be muddy, so bring appropriate footwear
  • When leaving Sharpham (if you’re driving), stop at the brow of the hill. You’ll have the most fantastic view of the Dart Valley.
View of Dart Valley from Sharpham

View of Dart Valley from Sharpham

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